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Kelso Lake, Bonner County, Idaho
30 May, 1997

A North Idaho sawmill builder said he and his son found a giant footprint of a Sasquatch the end of May while bear hunting in the northern hills of the Idaho panhandle timber country. "We walked into a clear-cut and my 13 year old son stopped, looked down and said "Dad, is this a Bigfoot track?" When your boy says something like that, you got to go and take a look. Sure enough, there it was, a 14 inch by 7 inch depression in the mud on a slope a few feet above a logging road. It was shaped like a giant human foot with only 3 toes. All I could do was sit there in awe, it was something! It was shocking." The witness returned with a friend who videotaped him making the plaster mold of the footprint.

As shown in the photograph, the track was cast, photographs of the cast were made public on Idaho television and have been published in Idaho newspaper. The witness is convinced the footprint was authentic as he had heard stories from an uncle 30 years prior who had told of footprints in the snow near Mount Rainier.

Newspaper photograph sent
courtesy of
Retired Los Angeles Sheriff
Tom Akren, Post Falls Idaho 1997