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Johnson County, Mountain City, Tennessee
Appalachian Mountain Range, near Watuaga Lake & Hwy 67
December 2002 , morning

On my way to work one morning around 6:00 am I saw a large creature around seven foot tall cross the road in front of me. It was covered in hair and I thought it was a monkey of some sort. I haven't seen the creature since but I do go hiking in the area where I saw it, and there has been some large foot prints in that area.

The area has a lot of pines, rocks, brush, and mud. The creature was a seven foot tall hairy creature walking up right, - the informant had no photographs of the footprints and as an afterthought some one told him it could have been a bear, but he isn't sure as bears don't walk upright.

Wayne Blevins

Monday, January 27, 2003