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Madison County, Big Cove Alabama 1990

My name is Chad McAllister and I have a sighting story to share....

It was around the year 1990 when my brother Adam and I were going about our day, doing our daily chores. I was 8 and my brother, Adam, was 9 years old. One of our chores consisted of feeding the animals on our small farm. As we walked down the trail about a half-mile long, we get to the chicken coupe, which was nestled against a very wooded area. 

We usually just throw a cup of corn in the coupe and walk away, however, this time was different. I was walking back to the house to get my allowance for feeding the chickens, which was $1.00 a week, when I hear my brother calling my name, "Chad! Chad!", he exclaimed.

Never looking back, I replied, "Just come on, let's go and get our dollar!"

And once again he exclaimed, "CHAD LOOK!!!", And as I turned around, I shouted, "What?" and there it was....bigfoot!

We just stood there in shock for a few moments. He didn't act as if he wanted to harm us, more so just curious of what we were doing. Keep in mind I was only 8 years old at the time and he looked to be about 8 feet tall, and about 3 and a half-feet wide at the shoulders and hairy all over.
Dark brown hair that was probably about 2 inches long all over his body.

I can't really describe his face because it was really just a few brief moments. If I can remember correctly, he took one step forward, and my brother and I turned around and ran into the house.

I feel that he could have harmed us if he wanted to being that he was only about 10 feet away from us. When we got in the house, we proclaimed to our mother with excitement, "We just seen a huge monster by the chicken coupe!" …She just brushed us off with a "boys will be boys" type of attitude. We walked back outside to see if we could see him again, but he was gone.

Since that day we have never seen him again. We did see evidence of what we thought was his presence, like chickens and pheasants mysteriously missing from the coupe, and remains of feathers lying on the ground. My brother will tell you that he recalls my dad and the two of us walking on the mountain in front of our house and seeing an enormous footprint in the dirt, but I do not recall that. 

Big Cove is now nothing but a bunch of subdivisions and I don't know if he still abides in the surrounding mountains, but I do know that Big Foot was in Big Cove, Alabama. I didn't tell this story very often because people would just laugh at me but I believe Big Foot will be acknowledged someday, and then I will get to laugh.

-Chad McAllister
Big Cove, Alabama