Berkeley Heights, New Jersey
December 1997

Nearest city: Trenton

The terrain was mountainous. Small suburbs sit under the mountains, and a road leads into the Berkeley Height Mountains. Everything there is very leafy, and there are plenty of trees. There are a lot of caverns and gullies. It seems to be mostly populated with deer, snakes, and rabbits. On occasion, black bears do appear in backyards. In the winter it gets very cold there, and snows heavily. These particular mountains have no fences, so it allows for maneuverability. Things there can easily appear and then vanish due to thick brush and trees. At the very height of the mountain, it's almost vacant. Not many people live at the top. It's steep, cold, and very dangerous to walk on.

We went to visit our family in New Jersey. Since I am from Texas, I am not used to seeing mountains. Most of my family lives in Bound Brook, a very small town located close to the base of the mountains. I also have another grandma who lives in the mountains.(Berkeley Heights). I always go visit her when I am in New Jersey. At about 2 oclock, my brother, cousins, and I all went to the little baseball field to play baseball. They loved the sport, but I wasn't very interested. I asked my cousins if I could just go back home. They told me I could, but they gave me different directions on how to get back home. I took the directions and walked the other path.

I was walking up the path, which was very steep, until I could hear something step on a huge branch. It cracked loudly. I thought it was a deer, but deer aren't usually present around the roads in the winter. But I wasn't completely wrong. A deer was there, but the deer didn't step on the branch. After it happened for the second time, a young female deer darted past me and to the other side of the road. I was scared at this point. I thought it was a black bear, so I remained perfectly still. I shivered more from fear than the cold itself. After situating myself for about 3 minutes, I believed that the supposed black bear had moved on. As I walked up the gravel road, I heard stomping. I looked to my right, and saw what nearly made me wet my pants. About 25 - 30 yards from me... I saw this gorilla looking figure. He wasn't as tall as I had believed. He was between 6 feet tall and 6 feet 5. His hair wasn't particularly long, but it was shaggy and appeared to be very coarse. He walked away, with his huge arms swinging by his side. He walked as if he was a gorilla trying to walk as a human. It was almost there, just not quite. His hair was not actually black; it looked almost like a teal gray.

The scariest part was that he knew I was watching him, but he walked into the distance never turning his head to look back at me. To this day I am angry with myself for never running up to observe the footprints. My reaction was to run home and tell everyone what had happened. I couldn't speak properly, because I was so shaken up. My uncle wanted to go back, but he didn't know which route my cousin had sent me home. I am apologetic to all the researchers for not being of help by getting the pictures of evidence. It still haunts me today.

Description: The creature was in the 6 foot to 6 foot 5 range. His hair was short but course. It was a teal grayish looking color. He walked upright, but with a small hunch. He swung his arms to his side immensely. He would throw them back as he walked off. It had to be a male, because the creature's back was extremely wide. His hands and feet were both of great size. He contained most of his hair on top of his head, and in between his fingers. I know a lot of people lie and make up complete stories about the Bigfoot, but what I saw was unimaginable. I'm sorry I can't give you the exact road, etc., but I am currently from Texas. I was visiting my family in New Jersey.

REMOTE_USER: (Anthony) Stafford, TX 77477
Report taken by Bobbie Short Friday, June 29, 2000 10:01 AM

Because the witness lives in Texas, this report is under investigation by the Texas Bigfoot Research Center but six years later, no follow up has been received from that organization....disappointing but predictable.....