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Bayfield County, Wisconsin
Near Iron River

October 2000, around noon.
Closest water area would be Moon Lake, US Hwy 2

I was a fourth grader in Iron River Elementary School at the time.   It was a warm day at the end of October.  I remember that most of the trees had lost all of their leaves.  My school had a big playground.  There is a big field, on the edge of which is a patch of forest that eventually extends to the east into a national forest.  On the other side of the playground there were the jungle gym and monkey bars and other things.  Then from there it extends to a group of huge trees near the end of the parking lot.  In the field kids normally played soccer, but none were playing that day.  As I can remember there wasn't a single kid in the field that day.   My school sits up on a large hill looking over the field.  On this particular day I was sitting up on the hill with my best friend Tyler.  I was scanning the area and I looked over to the patch of woods behind the field.  I looked at a spruce tree that was about 15 feet tall.  All of a sudden a tall dark figure came out from behind the tree.  It walked about 15 feet to another spruce tree of similar height.  While it was walking I motioned for Tyler to look and asked him if he was seeing what I was seeing.  He saw it too.  We sat there dumbfounded as we watched the creature walk from tree to tree and eventually disappear into the woods. 

Afterwards we built up our courage to go down and have a look in the area where we saw the creature.  We found no tracks because the area was thick with long matted down dry grass.  But when we arrived at the site there was a musty odor in the air.  Almost like extreme wet dog or something.  Both of us to this day still don't know what it was what we saw, but we know we didn't imagine it. 

The area where the creature, probably a Sasquatch, disappeared into was thick patch of forest that winds its way through the eastern most edge of town, after about maybe a mile widens out and enters the Chequemegon National Forest.

The creature that I saw was very dark, probably covered in thick black hair.  It was very tall, probably in upwards of 8 feet or so.  It had extremely wide shoulders, and swung its arms when it walked.  From what I saw it had a very large gate when it walked.

from: Sam Knapp
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