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Murray County, Oklahoma 1993

In Texas, North Dallas Urologist Dr. Nathan Graves filed his 1993 sighting with me in late October, 2012.

"I had a sighting in the Arbuckle Mountains near Dougherty, Murray County, Oklahoma. We looked up 400 yards away where there was a 14 foot cedar tree. A large black 9 foot creature (3-4 foot wide) stepped out behind the tree stared at us and then stepped back behind the green cedar tree. The creature was dark black. The other person with us thought it was big as a truck? Two weeks later I went and looked at the tree and surrounding terrain. Beneath the tree was mainly solid rock. This area of the Arbuckle's has a lot of underground caves. I am a Surgeon in the Dallas area with 20/15 vision!"

Nathan Graves October 29, 2012