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Apache County, Arizona
November 2000
Nearest road is 164, Chinle Navajo Nation
Closest water: Wheatfield Lake, Chuska Mountains

The creature was strange in color. It wasn't the usual brown or black. It was actually dark orange and white. I was shocked and confused. I didn't know these things existed around my area, but I also didn't know that they are colorful. It was about a foot taller than me; I am 6'2". It is about 7 feet tall. It appeared old and saggy-like; smart by its facial expression. It kind of seemed like it was better than me or something. It smelled really bad, I thought a skunk was around. There are coniferous trees about and grass and rocks. This sighting had taken place in a mountainous area, a valley to be precise. Only my family knows about this.

Have there been o
ther sightings in Arizona, especially in the Navajo Nation area?

Saturday, April 21, 2001
REMOTE_USER: Charley James