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Anoka County, Minnesota
Circle Pines
Winter, 1988, closest water would be Hidden Lake near Woodland Road

This was a sighting by my daughter and her friend, our neighbor.  At the time, they were both approximately 10 years old, but grown now.  They came running from the woods through the snow and told me they both had seen a large figure, it looked like an ape-man they said, with blond colored fur rather than dark.  It was standing in a clearing in the woods. They said it did not look like a human and could not have been a costume of some sort. They said the creature they saw was that of a tall man-like figure covered in blond colored fur (or a light beige color).  When they saw it, the creature looked at them and they ran.  I've always been sorry we did not go back right away to look for footprints in the snow.

Hidden Lake is surrounded by cattails and although it is open water the area seems marshy.  Outside of the cattails, around the perimeter of the lake, are woods.  We have seen, when walking near the same wooded area, branches and logs forming a shelter of some kind. Actually more than one.  It is not something any child or person would make. There are ducks on the lake and at times with my binoculars over the years I have seen the ducks move very quickly across the water as if something is chasing them.  It is a bit far away so I can't tell why they are doing this, I can't see anything in the water chasing them.  I don't know what would cause that, I have never seen it before anywhere else. We notified one other neighbor Christine Carlson, but she did not believe the girls.

Has anyone else ever reported seeing s bigfoot with light colored fur? (yes, many reports in this color range.) What kinds of nests or shelters have been reported? (All ranges of nests have been described, most noting unusually large size, fecal matter and strong urine odor.)

Friday, October 24, 2003