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Rapides Parish,
Alexandria, Louisiana, 1994

My story is not very exciting (although at the time it was). We were coming back to Dallas from New Orleans. It was about midnight on a dark moonless night. It was Memorial Day Weekend 1994. We were traveling on a 2 lane highway, my wife (girlfriend at the time) in the passenger seat and a friend sleeping in the back seat.

To our right, in the bar ditch was a tall, hairy figure. The glare from my headlights lit it up as we passed. It was walking in the same direction as we were traveling, so we only saw the back of the creature. My wife did not want to turn around and go back as I was driving an Isuzu Amigo with a soft canvas top that was rolled up at the time. As we saw it, we both looked at each other and said "Did you just see that?"

I have had a lifelong interest in cryptozoology and especially Bigfoot for 30+ years after following the events in Ft. Worth in 1969 of the Lake Worth Monster. I am currently a founding member of the Texas Bigfoot Research Center and doing active field research here in Northeast Texas. We have several of the creatures here in a close proximity to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area that we are researching.

Craig Woolheater, Dallas, Texas