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Adams County, Pennsylvania
May 2001
11:40 PM, Near Rte. 15

Our yard to its rear has a drain that is able to be climbed down into.  The grate comes off easily and my teenage son can climb down into it and walk under the development.  It is cemented and it leads to the creek.  I am wondering if this thing knows about this route.  The land is wooded to the east and north.  the city of Gettysburg lies to the south and west.  The South Mountain range is located west of Gettysburg.  Looking on a PA map one can see the South Mountains as a part of a group of ranges of mountains that lie almost parallel to each other stretching from the Northwest. On the sightings page I noticed that Bigfoot have been spotted in Westmoreland County which is west of Adams County.  A co-worker said that he spotted a bigfoot walking through his boy scout campground in very large strides one night in 1985.  It was in Mt. Newville or Newville area.

Back to my home, there is a creek to my south about 1/2 mile away.  On occasion I have spotted a blue heron fishing in it so I know that fish exist in it.  Slightly hilly would be an accurate description.  The new high school is built near here and there are farms with trees and wooded areas north of here (2 miles away and beyond).    The nearest city is Gettysburg. I saw a 6' black creature that moved back beside my garage.  I smelled the rotten fish smell mixed with garbage smell in my 150' tall blue spruce while exiting my vehicle in the driveway.

I wish to remain anonymous. For the past four years that I have lived in this development I have spent some time late at night watching TV.  I am alone by my living room window and I often feel like something is watching me.  My husband and I are nature buffs and do not have a light on outside the house.  Our yard is not chemically treated nor do we fertilize our lawn.  We often see hawks and moles and toads and other small creatures that seem almost extinct in the other yards in the area with their dogs, cats, fences, chemically treated grass and other natural obstacles. 

Two summers ago the plants under my bedroom window have been trampled on severely, as if something were looking through the window at us.  We wondered if there was a large dog in the yard.  Occasionally we have found what looks like dog feces in our backyard garden plot (surrounded by 1 ¼ foot high metal fencing.  I was wondering who would let their dog out that late to roam.  Over the years we have heard noises outside our window and evidence of what appears to be a great animal of weight.  Our small evergreen bushes have also been compressed as if someone was sitting on top of them, especially those under the bedroom window.

On the night of May 15 2001 I drove home late from a church meeting with friends. It was 11:40 AM.  We have a huge blue spruce tree in our front yard (150' high easy).  My son once cut a few limbs on the back of it so he and a friend could make a little play area.  I often worried that someone could be lurking in it. I got out of my car in the driveway, which is 2' away from the blue spruce and the next thing I knew I was overcome with the most nauseating smell like something is rotten.  I have never experienced this before here and wondered if someone had dropped garbage on our lawn.  It was rather late so I hastily looked around the ground and did not approach the tree where it emanated from the strongest.  I walked towards the garage and the smell diminished so I knew it was coming from the tree.  I did see a black figure by the garage when I pulled up but it shrank back towards the garage.  I wondered what it was but was too afraid to investigate. Since I am a female I did not pursue on foot.  This time I did not bother my husband but hastily walked towards the door.  I remember the smell of the thing in the tree as of rotten fish.  We live less than a mile from a part of Rock Creek and I was wondering if this creature had eaten recently. 

At 5:20 AM on May 16 2001 I was curious about this event.  I went out to water my garden and around the house.  We have two identical red maples in our back yard and the one had no twigs down around the bottom.  For Mother's Day we had cut our grass and meticulously I had picked up every twig in the back yard.  Imagine my surprise when I noticed a perfect circle of fallen small end-of- branch twigs laying completely around the red maple at the left of the house nearest the blue spruce and, then, no twigs around the other red maple? I went in to tell my husband.  The twigs were broken at least 9' above my head around the tree.  Each twig was very thin. They looked as if they were snapped off and not cut by a precision instrument. My garage is open at night and I went in to check my pruner.  It was behind another tool and appeared to be unused.  I went out to check the blue spruce.

This time, on the side where my son had sawed a few branches, I saw a number of broken twigs and branches above my head appearing to extend about 9' above the ground.  If this thing is a Bigfoot, which I think it is, then, I was wondering if it can be caught on infrared light photography?  Also, I have read that they abduct humans at time--is this when one is approached in the wilds and not in a suburban setting? There may have been two for the one I saw by the garage was about 6' at the most.  Could this have been an offspring? 

Two weeks ago we put large items on our back porch that is usually clear other times. During the evening of the day we had moved the items, about 12:00 AM, there was a loud noise that came from the back porch where the items were placed.  I thought at the time that something must have had a routine for coming onto our back porch and did not know that we had just put some large items out.  When I turned on the light I saw nothing.  On other occasions there have been sounds and when I turn on the light and look I am always wondering why I don't see a large dog or skunk in the vicinity to justify the sounds because I do go out and check immediately in the yard for about 20' with a flashlight.  I have not seen a raccoon although opossums seem to live in the woods (highway road kill attests to this). 

I look for fur and paw prints.  I think I spotted a small apelike print in the garden, but am not sure.  This is one foot from where the twigs lay. I would like to capture this being on infrared photography.
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