Bigfoot Encounters

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Bow Valley Provincial Park

The Crandell Campground Incident 1988

Jasper National Park 1987 or '88

Caroline Alberta 1998

Wetaskiwin, Alberta 2003

Swan Hills, Edmonton Alberta April 2006

Grand Cache, Alberta 2011
Tracks in the snow found

Alberta article

Old Report:
1968, Alberta Canada, Sighting by Cree Indians
A group of Cree Indians led by Robert Smallboy left the Hobbema Reserve (we call it a reservation) in 1968 to live on the prairies of Alberta. After several years they started seeing more and more Sasquatch...rare in the Prairie Provinces. They believe this is a sign from their spirit powers, a good omen, that they have done the right thing in leaving the reserve. Credit: Gayle Highpine

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