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"In 1891 , Vacherie, Louisiana resident Frederick Kliebert, called "well known and
respectable" by the local press, reported encountering a giant in the nearby swamp forest. He was greatly surprised when he saw approaching and passing within 15 steps of him a huge man of around nine feet in height, covered by a long black beard.

He had on a kind of cloak of fur...of a brownish color which seemed to be attached only by a rope around the neck. The rest of his body was naked and was covered with red hair.

Mr. Kliebert asked him who he was and where he was from three times but the giant gave him no response...and then continued his fast walk with a sad and serious look
toward the west...Tracks 23 inches long were found."

Copyrighted: "Along The River Road, Past and Present on Louisiana's
Historic Byway
" Author: Mary Ann Sternberg, 1996 by the LSU Press