A Book Review

The Search For Bigfoot
by Peter Byrne 1976
Out of Print but available used from www.abebooks.com
4 Star Amazon.com Reviewer: A reader from Florida, May, 2000

This volume was published in the mid 1970's. At the time it was written, Mr. Byrne was investigating the Bigfoot mystery under a grant from the Academy of Applied Science. A former Big Game Hunter, he was initially involved in the search for the Himalayan Yeti in the 1950's in the Slick expedition.

Mr. Byrne operated the Bigfoot Information Center in the Dalles, Oregon for several years. He investigated and interviewed many witnesses. He discusses some of these sightings at length in this book. The Information Center was a clearing house in the 1970's for reports of sightings and footprints.

This is a good edition to the library of anyone interested in this area of cryptozoology for the sighting reports. For a more in depth review of this subject, Dr Grover Krantz's Bigfoot Sasquatch Evidence, Dr John Bindernagel's North America's Great Ape, The Sasquatch, or any of John Green's books, especially, Sasquatch, The Apes Among Us would be recommended.

Byrne's writing style is interesting and sometimes quite humorous. This book is out of print, however it is not difficult to locate and is definitely worth the effort to obtain.