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Suggested Reading for the Bigfoot Researcher
Bibliographies, References, Field Notes, Papers and other Publications

The following publications are listed in alphabetical order by author's last name. There are additional papers and articles published on this website, left frame under "Biology" and also under "Newspaper and Magazine articles." Most of these books and papers either influenced or contributed to this website and my personal research in some form or another . . .

Abraham, Abu, "The Elusive Abominable Snowman" Calcutta, The Statesman 1970

Adams, David Leeming and Jake Page, 1998 " The Mythology of Native North America " Publisher: The University of Oklahoma Press

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ISIS Publishing 1986
Allen, Benedict "Hunting the Gugu, In Search of the Lost Apemen of Sumatra" Paladin 1989

Alley, Rob "Raincoast Sasquatch:
Bigfoot, Sasquatch Evidence from Indian Lore" by Robert Alley Hancock House publication, 2003

Ambrose, Stephen E. "Undaunted Courage, Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson and the Opening of the West"

Argosy's Annual Monster Magazine, The Giants of Malaysia, - 1977 Courtesy Rene Dahinden

Arment, Chad "Cryptozoology, Science and Speculation" Coachwhip Publications 2004
Arment, Chad "The Historical Bigfoot" paperback August 2006

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Batchelor, John "The Ainu of Japan, A General History of Hairy Aborigines of Japan" London 1892 ...a scholarly and valuable contribution to anthropology about the origins of the hairy aboriginals of Hokkaido, Japan...believed to have originated in Siberia and Mongolia; may be source of Minnesota Iceman...

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Beelart, J. Hector Field Application if the Standard Sasquatch Area Theory Crypto 2000

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Berry, Alan and the late Bobbie Ann Slate "Bigfoot" Bantam books 1976

Berry, Rick, "Bigfoot on the East Coast" Published Privately 1993

Bigfoot Co-Op Newsletter
Formerly edited by Dr. Constance "Connie" Cameron who retired as its editor in 2005 after twenty five years.

Bigfoot_Newsletter_Online Delivered online - email:
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edited by Bobbie Short since June, 2001

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Bindernagel, John A. "North America's Great Ape: The Sasquatch," 1998
Bindernagel, John A.
"The Discovery of the Sasquatch: Reconciling Culture, History & Science"
$49 USD + $6 2010

Bille, Matthew A. "Rumors of Existence" 1995 Hancock House
Bille, Matt "The Primate Problem" Colorado Springs, Colorado 2000

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Boas, Franz "Indians of North American - British Columbian Folklore," Tacoma Public Library, Washington

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Bosworth, J. Allan "A Darkness of Giants" 1972 Issued for libraries only this teen and his friend have an adventure trying to find and photograph Bigfoot. Fun. Preteen. Doubleday 160 pages

Bowden, M "Ape-Men, Fact or Fallacy" Sovereign Publications, Kent UK 1977

Bright, William O. "North American Indian Languages," Encyclopedia Britannica Macropaedia, 15th ed., vol. 13, 1974, pp. 208-213. Lengthy article dealing with the classification and description of North American Indian languages, including map and bibliography.

British Columbia Archives, Call Number MS - 1132. Copies of 650 card files and volumes as flagged, acquired March 8, 2002 BC Information Management Services.

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Brown, Tom "Field Guide to Nature Observation and Tracking" Reissue 1988
Brown, Tom "Field Guide to Wilderness Survival" 287 pages 1989
Brown, Tom "The Science and Art of Tracking" 1999, 240 pages

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Chapman, Simon "The Monster of the Madidi".... Searching for the Giant Ape of the Bolivian Jungle Aurum Press London UK 2001 - ISBN 1 85410 749 6 Chapman thoughtfully includes a Spanish word glossary in the back of his book, which is a search for the Mono Rei or the giant ape of the Bolivian jungles.

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Cryptozoology Journals, Ten: Vol 1, 1982 - Vol 2, 1983 - Vol 3 1984, Vol 5, 1986, -Vol 7, 1988 - Vol 8, 1989 - Vol 9, 1990, - Vol 10, 1991 -Vol 11, 1992 - Vol 12, 1993 - 1996 - courtesy Dr. Grover S. Krantz.

Cronin, Edward W. Jr. "The Arun: A Natural History of the World's Deepest Valley" 1979

Crowe, Ray "The Track Record" ...a newsletter that continues today by mail Ray Crowe

Dadey, Debbie "Bigfoot Doesn't Square Dance" 1999 Children 9-12

Daegling, Dr. David "Bigfoot Exposed" 2004 is more about exposing Daegling's scientific prejudices...dotted with untruths, errors; "some" areas poorly researched. One would expect more from a professor of anthropology, young Daegling is out of his element with this publication, the book misleads and disappoints.

Dahinden, Rene as told to Don Hunter "Sasquatch/Bigfoot: The search for North America's Incredible Creature" Firefly Books, 1993 an updated version of the 1973 book entitled Sasquatch. The authors provide an excellent compilation of Bigfoot information, footprints and an analysis of the Patterson film. Unfortunately, Don Hunter did not place a Biblio or Index in this book. Dahinden left us on April 18, 2001.

Dangberg, Grace "Washo Tales: Three Original Washo Indian Legends" Nevada State Museum, 1968

Davis, Beau R. "Bigfoot Is Alive!" Tambarlee, 1974

De Nebesky-Wojkowitz "Oracles and Demons of Tibet." 1993 Tiwari's Pilgrims, Kathmandu

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De Waal, Frans "Bonobos, the Forgotten Ape" 1998, excellent read.
De Waal, Frans "Good Natured: The Origins of Right and Wrong in Humans and Other Animals" 1997
De Waal, Frans "The Communicative Repertoire of Captive Bonobos (Pan Paniscus) Compared to that of the Chimpanzee." In"Behavior," Vol. 106, Nos. 3-4, pages 183-251; September 1988
De Waal, Frans "Peacemaking Among the Primates" Harvard University Press, 1989
De Waal, Frans "Chimpanzee Politics: Power and Sex Among Apes" 2000

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Dillon, L. S., "Evolution: Concepts and Consequences" St. Louis: 1973

Dow, Dr. Sean M.D., "Sasquatch: The Great Controversey" 2007 A persuasive paper arguing the existence of Sasquatch, a free download here:

Dyhrenfurth, N. G. 1959 "Slick-Johanson Nepal Snowman Expedition." American Alpine Journal 11:324-325.

Eberhart, George "Monsters, A guide to information on unaccounted for creatures," Garland Publishers 1983

Edwards, Frank "Stranger Than Science" New York: Lyle Stuart, 1959
Comment: After reading Edward's book, it became clear that almost all his stories are lifted from the 1950's issues of FATE magazine. In most cases Edwards altered rather than paraphrased to sound more exciting. Some of the stories he printed were later proved entirely false. In summation, Edwards has been more or less misleading his readers for roughly 50 years. Another reason why everything should be researched more than once

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Green, John "Encounters With Bigfoot" 1980
Green, John "Year of the Sasquatch" 1970
Green, John "Sasquatch, The Apes Among Us" 1978 (best buy)
Green, John BC Archives, entire lot of 650 pages, all flagged volumes in database.
Green, John "Sasquatch, the Apes Among Us" - New Release 2004 (Best Buy)
Green, John "Meet the Sasquatch" in association with Chris Murphy & Tom Steenburgh 2004
Green, John "The Best of Bigfoot/Sasquatch" Hancock House 2004
Green, John A 2004 review of Greg Long's book "The Making of Bigfoot"

Greenburg, Dan "The Boy Who Cried Bigfoot" Children's book 2000

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Guttilla, Peter "Special Edition Bigfoot File" 1994 Privately Published.
Guttilla, Peter "The Bigfoot Files" Timeless Voyager Press 2003

Haddon, A. C. Professor: "The Wanderings of Peoples" retracing the migratory patterns of races.

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Healy, Tony and Paul Cropper "The Yowie: In Search of Australia's Bigfoot" 2006

Hebert, Lynn David "Bigfoot Autumn" paperback August 2001

Heinemann, Holly Wallace "The Mystery of the Abominable Snowman" 2000

Heinselman, Craig "Crypto" Hominology Special Number One for the 13th Annual Bigfoot Conference Expo 2001 April 7, 2001 private publication March 2001
Heinselman, Craig "Crypto" Hominology II 2002

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Herrero, Stephen "Bear Attacks" Lyons Press 1985 recommended reading if only to make clear what there is in the woods to really be terrified of or in fear of your life. The bears, not the Sasquatch.

Heuvelmans, Bernard 1958 and 1995 "On the Track of Unknown Animals" is a reissue of the classic work on the subject of cryptozoology. The 1958 edition has been reprinted with a new introduction by Heuvelmans detailing some of the most important finds in the last forty or so years, as well as some new photos. This book is a "must have" if you are interested in cryptozoology.
Heuvelmans, Bernard 1955 Sur la piste des bêtes ignorées. Paris
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Holyfield, Dana "Encounters With the Honey Island Swamp Monster" Self-published The footprint photograph published was determined in 2001 to be "crocodilian" by the Florida's Gatorland Park officials and not that of a biped. (Director Flavio Morrissey)

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Hutchinson, Robert A. "In The Tracks of the Yeti " London Macdonald 1989
A search by Robert Hutchinson in 1987 for the famed yeti gives a vivid description of his odyssey deep into the Himalayas.

ISC Journals, see Cryptozoology

Izzard, Ralph "Innocent on Everest," 1953
Izzard, Ralph"The Abomiable Snowman," 1955 Doubleday
Izzard, Ralph "The Abominable Snowman Adventure" London Hodder & Stoughton 1955
Describes the expedition to investigate the Abominable Snowman, financed by London's "Daily Mail". Includes descriptions of the plants and animals of the lower ranges of the Himalayas and life in the Sherpa villages.
Izzard, Ralph "El Abominable Hombre de las Nieves." Expedición Inglesa tras las huellas del Yeti. Juventud, Barcelona 1956. In Spanish, "Abominable man of the Snow" is literal title translation and is, in English the same as the 1955 Doubleday version.
Izzard, Ralph "The Hunt for the Buru" 2001 (India's giant snake in Assam the Valley)

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Jackson, Donald, "Letters of the Lewis and Clark Expedition with related documents 1783-1854" University of Illinois Press, Urbana, IL; 1978 (Second Edition) A totally absorbing collection of letters related to the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Little people and savage beasts or mountain devils are mentioned by the native tribesmen and written in the journals of this expedition.

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Kaniut, Larry " More Alaska Bear Tales"
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Kanuit, Larry and Brian Sostrom "Cheating Death: Amazing Survival Stories from Alaska"

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Kaopuiki, Stacey S. "Peter Panini and the Search for the Menehune" (Little People) 1990

Keating, Don "What it Takes to Make a Conference" Newcomerstown, Ohio 2000
Keating, Don Hosts an annual Bigfoot Meeting for the public each year in Ohio.

Kenny, Kathryn (Children) "Trixie Belden and the Sasquatch Mystery," Children Kenny Western Publishing 1979

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"The Big Bigfoot Book" Austin, TX: Mojo Press, 1996 New anthology of original graphic stories about Bigfoot.

Klement, Jan "The Creature, Personal Experiences with Bigfoot," 1976 -an alleged true story with names changed. Author's name is fictional. I found the ending not in the least believable

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Univ. Press Moscow Idaho 1977) & "The Scientist Looks at the Sasquatch II" University Press of Idaho 1979 " The Scientist Looks at the Sasquatch II " Published by the University Press of Idaho -- A Division of the Idaho Research Foundation, Inc. Box 3368 University Sation Moscow, Idaho 83843 Anthropological Monographs of the University of Idaho No. 4 Roderick Sprague, Editor ISBN: 0-89301-061-8 Library of Congress Card number: 79-63536
Krantz, Dr. Grover S. left us February 14, 2002

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Kraska, Christopher "The Future of Hominology" Cypto 2000

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