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"Bigfootville" Documentary set in Oklahoma, Fall 2002

Newspaper Article dated 14 October 2002 © The Tulsa World, with commentary. . .

"Documentary reports on Bigfoot sightings in Oklahoma"
October 14 2002 at 11:37 AM

Tulsa broadcaster Cindy Bear is part of the investigative team that helped produce
The Travel Channel's new documentary "Bigfootville," airing at 7 p.m.
Tuesday on satellite and cable channel 59.

The hour-long program, shot nearly a year ago, investigates sightings of Bigfoot in an 800-square-mile area in Oklahoma. Promotional information for the show alleges that "a small town in Oklahoma, sustained Bigfoot activity including over 50 sightings in a year."

Bear, a native of the state, said she had never heard of Bigfoot before being approached to work on the film.

She was hired by the British production company, Blue Book Films, and was cautioned not to reveal the names of the towns that were filmed for the production.

"They (the producers) feel that if the public were to know where it happened it would hurt the integrity of the Bigfoot and someone would try to hunt it down," explained Bear, who was a reporter for KTUL-channel 8 for six years and has spent the last seven years at KBEZ radio.

However, a Travel Channel representative said the documentary was filmed in several small towns in the state, including Sapulpa, Ada, Smithville, Broken Bow and Disney.

The film crew, which had previously covered the Persian Gulf War and the battles in Afghanistan, used infrared and night-vision cameras "hoping to find anything," said Bear, who has not seen the completed documentary.

"We did have some real interesting interviews. One thing I can say, is that none of the people (interviewed) knew each other, and they all had had similar sightings."

Bear said those interviewed included local police and sheriff's deputies.

Eyewitnesses described "a hairy, 9-foot-tall creature" and noted "deafening screams, missing farm equipment and mutilated cattle," according to press information.

Bear said some Indian tribes "refer to four different 'large men' that are seen to influence tribes . . . We did sit around a campfire on reservation land and talk to Native Americans who take this very seriously.

"(The Native Americans) were very hesitant to discuss it, but we were lucky to get a couple of folks to go out into the woods and help us. They don't want to be seen to be cheapening their beliefs," she said.

The documentary will be rebroadcast at 10 p.m. Tuesday and will air again at 1 p.m. Saturday.
© The Tulsa World Oct.14, 2002
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October 15, 2002 Tuesday Documentary made in Oklahoma.
USA Television is airing "Bigfootville" The Travel Channel Website: "In a small town in Oklahoma, sustained Bigfoot activity includes over 50 sightings in a year. Deafening screams, missing farm equipment and mutilated cattle besieged the locals, and eyewitness accounts describe a hairy, nine-foot-tall creature." The television program is scheduled to air October 15, 2002 - Tuesday night at 8 pm and 11 pm and Saturday October 19 at 2 o'clock pm. Those are Eastern Times listed on TTC website.
Check your local listings in the TV Guides for accurate airing times.
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Commentary From David Wilbanks filmed by Bruce Burgess of Bluebookfilms in the UK: "I read your bigfoot newsletter the other day, and noticed that you mentioned the police officer shooting his gun in the dark.

I am pleased that you do realize that editing occurs that we have no control over. I feel I should say something in defense of the officer firing the shots. First, he was not firing blindly into the dark or at a supposed bigfoot. At the time he and the other officer had their encounter they had been target practicing into a dirt bank that is about 10 feet tall. During filming the producer asked him to fire a couple of rounds into that same dirt bank as a kind of reenactment. But put that scene together with the footage of something throwing rocks at us (which really did happen, and has happened in that area to us before), and it looks like he is trying to shoot something in the woods. No one was ever in any danger of being shot, I know, I was there not 10 feet from him when all this was filmed. Well there you have it, I bet I have typed this same e-mail 100 times to different concerned parties.
Would you consider mentioning these facts in your newsletter?

I would hate for anyone to think that I was some kind of gun firing wild man."
David Wilbanks, Oklahoma, Fall, 2002

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