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Bigfoot: To Kill Or To Film

- F O R E W O R D -

by Christopher L. Murphy

When I first learned of the contention among Bigfoot researchers on the 'kill or film' issue, I gave the matter little or no thought. After all, we have not to this point provided conclusive evidence that the creature even exists. Further, do we really have any control over the issue? Who is to say that the person faced with such a decision would be aware of its ramifications? On the surface, these points provide a good argument that the issue does not merit a great deal of concern.

After reviewing Dmitri Bayanovís manuscript, I arrived at an appreciation of his passionate concern on the issue. In other words, I now see very clearly why he has been insistent to the point of frustration that intentional killing of a Bigfoot must not be condoned under any circumstances except self-defense.

From Dmitriís standpoint, the first question I raised (Bigfoot existence) is to him a total non-issue. Dmitri is thoroughly convinced that Bigfoot is a natural creature. It is important for the reader to understand this fact right from the outset. The possibility, therefore, for someone to be faced with a 'kill or donít kill,' decision is to Dmitri just a matter of time.

My second point (decision control), is not so easily dismissed. The total number of Bigfoot researchers and enthusiasts would hardly measure against the number of hunters and other armed people in Bigfoot's domain. Nevertheless, Dmitri points out that the community of Bigfoot researchers (especially those with high profile) can influence the decisions of others in all walks of life. Dmitri reasons that a unified stand on the issue could definitely 'make a difference.' The emphasis here on the word unified is important. A divided stand (i.e., both for and against killing) is not much better than no stand at all.

Dmitri, of course, wants an unqualified 'no killing' policy to be publicly declared by all high profile or influential Bigfoot researchers. Certainly, judging by the information on record the three major North American Bigfoot researchers are far removed from making such a declaration. However, I have pointed out to Dmitri that some time has passed since he last confronted these researchers with the issue — are we certain they still have the same mind-sets? On this question Dmitri responded that if they have changed their minds, this book will provide them with an opportunity to say so.

I have edited and published this book as a writer and a publisher, not as a Bigfoot researcher. I have not altered the intended message of any information presented, nor have I confirmed or verified the accuracy of any statements, quotations or facts.

Christopher L. Murphy

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